VARITONE SWITCH useable with Single Coil and Humbucker

Five additional new sounds, and the original sound still remains unrestricted. The VARITONE SWITCH makes it possible. ES-345 owners have known and loved the switch for decades (if they can handle it). The B.B. King sound has been significantly influenced by the Varitone Switch use on his beloved Lucille. Our Varitone Switch fits into almost every guitar and can be easily integrated into the existing wiring. Only two wires have to be connected to the original wiring, and that's it. An easy to understand wiring diagram is included.

The Varitone Switch has six positions. The first position is the true bypass position, the switch absoult has no effect on the original sound. In position two to six, the frequencies are then gradually cut deeper and deeper, starting with a subtle high cut and ending with a soft deep jazz sound in position six. For those interested in details, here are the capacitor values:

Pos.1- no cap, true bypass
Pos. 2- 0.0012 uf
Pos.3- 0.010 uf
Pos.4- 0.022 uf
Pos.5- 0.047 uf
Pos.6- 0.22 uf

We have combined different capacitors with various switches and tested them in different guitars under realistic conditions. In the end our Varitone Switch came out. As always, it was very important to us to combine the best components, but also to keep the size of the switch within limits in order to allow an easy installation in as many guitar types as possible.

Finally we decided to use polyester foil capacitors. The caps are basically the little siblings of the famous "Orange Drops", but much smaller. These caps were also used by Fender as tone caps in the 70's. The capacitors deliver a balanced natural sound without any unpleasant noise. In addition, we've added five resistors that minimize the typical crackling noise of turning the switch.

We experimented with 15 different capacitor values and switches with up to 12 positions, and then decided on a switch with "only" six positions. The sonic differences at 12 graded positions are so small that hardly any differences are noticeable, and the switch operation becomes unnecessarily complex due to the many positions. But if you want other capacitor values or a 12-position switch, please contact us, we have everything in stock, and are open for your wishes and suggestions.


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