1972 Telecaster DELUXE WIRING Harness

1972 Telecaster Deluxe/Custom Wiring Harness

This Prewired Kit fits perfectly for the Tele Deluxe models. The classic wiring is the same as the 1972 model, but can also be supplied with the Gibson 50's wiring.



  •     ARTY's WAXED PAPER SKIN 0.02uf or 0.05uf Capacitor 50's Vintage Style
  •     CTS 500k or 250k Audio Taper Pot, 1/4" solid shaft, 3/8" thread
  •     Switchcraft Right Angle or Short Straight 3-Way Toggle Switch
  •     SWITCHCRAFT 1/4" Mono Audio Jack
  •     Braided Cloth-covered Waxed Pushback 22 AWG Vintage Wire
  •     Reinforced Ground Connection between the Potentiometers, also for easier installation
  •     Stabilized insulated socket contacts
  •     Easy to understand Wiring Plan

On some replica bodies the Right Angle Switch does not fit. In this case we also offer the kit with Straight Short Toggle. If you are not sure which switch you need, please have a look first.


The kit is available in HH (Humbucker/Humbucker) and SH (Bridge Single Coil/ Neck Humbucker) versions.


What's the difference between Gibson 50's vs. Modern Wiring?

 50's Wiring

  •     when turning down the Volume more heights are remaining
  •     a turn of the Tone also affects the Volume
  •     with the Volume fully turned up there's a little more clarity and output

Standard Wiring

  •    better Volume control
  •    turning the Tone does not change the Volume
  •    significant loss of height when turning down the Volume (can be reduced with a Treble Bleed)

Important information about the potentiometers:
The pots used are solid shaft CTS pots with 6.35 mm shaft diameter. This corresponds to the original US fender pots. For basses from Asia, Mexico and Europe, mostly 6 mm diameter split shaft pots are used, e.g. also in the Strat models. This means that the buttons may have to be slightly drilled out or replaced, but are usually possible without any problems. Each kit is also optionally available with split shaft pots of the same quality upon request (please before purchase).


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Why a Prewired GUITAR WIRING HArness from Arty's Custom Guitars?



All our prewired kits have matched pots and caps. This means that we measure all potentiometers and capacitors before installation, select them, and use them according to their values where they deliver the best possible result in combination with the pickups. This is important because original pots have tolerances of up to +-20%. In extreme cases, a 500k pot can have values of only 400k or up to 600k ohms. Not infrequently good pickups are replaced unnecessarily, because they sound muddy, weak or thin. In reality, however, the problem is often not due to bad pickups, but simply to inferior wiring, which mercilessly destroys the actually perfect sound.

We compared enormous quantities of capacitors in interaction with various pickups and thus determined the most suitable tone caps under real conditions. The capacitors are hand-selected HQ film capacitors with very low tolerance, very similar in design to the originals from the fifties. The vintage paper wax skin gives the caps an additional look. Our capacitors are so close to the originals of the 50's that nobody will hear a difference.

In all our kits only the best components from well-known manufacturers like CTS, Switchcraft, CRL or Oak Grigsby are used. All kits are carefully manufactured in small quantities and professionally handcrafted, and delivered to satisfied customers all over the world.

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