"Orange Dime" Vintage NOS .05uf 50V Ceramic Cap Fender

"Orange Dime" Vintage NOS .05uf 50V Capacitor "Circle D"

These capacitors are not reproductions, they are original NOS (New old stock) from the 60s.


The "ORANGE DIME" aka "Circle D" was used from 1964 in the Tele and Fender basses, and fits also perfect in every Strat. For everyone who has an original or repro 60's Fender, a Orange Dime is a holy duty. The Cap brings you in connection with the right pickups the typical "Fender Vintage 60's Tone".

If you install one of these tiny modern ceramic capacitors instead, or a high voltage one that is only optically similar, you will certainly be disappointed with the result. Modern multi layer capacitors are built completely different, and usually produce a distorted, shrill, unusable sound that has nothing in common with the single layer "Orange Dimes".

Unfortunately, we have only been able to get hold of a fistful of these extreme rarities. The caps have exactly the same shape and color, and are probably even the same like the original Orange Dimes. We have carefully removed the label from these caps and replaced with vintage correct markings. We are happy when they awaken to life in your darling after more than 50 years of deep sleep.

For an extra charge we can also include a Orange Dime in one of our Prewired Kits.  If you are interested just let us know.

Dimensions: 19 x 3 mm


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