Vintage Clone PAF Humbucker

P.A.F. LOW (Neck-7,2k A3/ Bridge-7,8k A2) - Vintage Clone Humbucker Set

You are looking for a pearly clean sound, then you found it with the P.A.F. Low Output Set. The slightly underwound coils are responsible for the clear, brighter overall tone without sounding too harsh. Transparent clear treble, warm balanced mids, and restrained bass characterize these humbuckers. The different magnets on the neck (AlNiCo 3) and bridge (AlNiCo 2) provide a uniform output and do not pull the strings as much as AlNiCo 5 magnets. This results in a nice balanced sustain.



  • Original PAF string spacing Neck and Bridge- 49,2 mm
  • Neck Pickup 7,2 kOhm
  • Bridge Pickup 7,8 kOhm
  • Rough Vintage Alloy 2,5" Magnet AlNiCo 3- Neck, AlNiCo 2- Bridge
  • 42 AWG Plain Enamel Wire asynchronously scatterwound coils (overtones)
  • NON-wax potted coils
  • Nickel plated Nickel Silver Cover (optional)
  • Authentic Butyrate Bobbin 49,2mm
  • Nickel Silver Long Leg Base Plate
  • Vintage Alloy Steel Slugs
  • Vintage Alloy Steel Cheesehead Screws
  • Brass Bobbin Screws (Cross slotted)
  • Maple Spacer
  • 2 Strand Braided Pushback Shieldwire

Small changes like 4-Conductor Wire (for coil split etc.) instead of the Vintage Braided Shield Wire, or other magnets are possible without extra charge. Just ask before you buy.


How do you get the "real" P.A.F. Vintage Sound?

One thing first, the "real" P.A.F. sound doesn't exist. The original PAF pickups had large tolerances in the number of windings of the coils, and thus also in the resistance, inductance and resonance frequency. In addition, all available AlNiCo magnets from 2-5 were used. The whole thing gives an abundance of different sounds. This is the reason why we offer different PAF's.

The most important thing for a PAF clone is the right authentic material. All of our parts come from different manufacturers in the USA, who like us are looking for the 50's and 60's sound. Every single part of our PAF Humbucker is as close as possible to the original in size and material. For example, as with the original PAFs, all magnets have a rough unpolished surface, the base plate and cover are nickel silver, the slugs and screws are also made of the right material, and, and, and. All the little things add up and have an effect on the magnetic field and therefore on the sound of the pickup. The coils are wound by hand with Plain Enamel AWG 42 Wire, see below for details. The bobbins are made of butyrate, a relatively sensitive plastic based on butyric acid that is hardly used anymore. The butyrates bobbins are responsible for the typical matt shimmer of the open PAFs. Also the other parts like the Braided Shield Wire, Maple Spacer or the brass screws aren't decided for the sound, but belong to a perfect vintage clone pickup.

The coils are wound by hand (scatterwound) with historically correct Plain Enamel AWG 42 Wire on our Pickup Winder. The two Humbucker coils are wound slightly differently, which is very important. Only the correct balance of the windings and the small irregularities caused by the manual winding result in the excellent dynamics and transparency. Like the original, the pickups are not wax potted.

We build the the pickups only after we have received your order. This gives us the opportunity to react flexibly to any special requests and not to keep the stock unnecessarily large. Therefore it can take up to 10-14 working days after receipt of payment until the order is shipped. For urgent orders please inquire before the purchase about the shipping times. Thank you very much!


The shipping costs for most EU countries are € 12,- (free shipping from € 250,-). You can find more information about the EU and WORLDWIDE shipping costs under the link directly below the product costs (inkl. Mwst., zzgl. Versandkosten). If your destination country is not listed here, please contact us to calculate the shipping costs.

If you need help with the checkout form or payment, please don't hestitate to contact us via e-mail. We just need your address and the designation of the desired items. As soon as we have received the above information, we will send you the detailed invoice.


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