.02uF Vintage Tone Capacitor ZYW1S2

The .022 uF cap is mostly used in combination with humbuckers in Fender style guitars. The photos show the ZYW1S5, but the ZYW1S2 looks identical.


Our vintage replica capacitors not only look like the originals of the fifties, they sound just like them!


We compared lots of different HQ tone capacitors in interaction with various pickups and came to a clear result after long tests. The capacitors we use now are so close to the original caps of the 50's that nobody will hear a difference. Our tone caps are individually hand selected special HQ-audio foil capacitors. These caps are similar to the original 50's caps. The vintage paper wax skin also gives the caps the right look, feel and smell.


When buying two caps we always choose caps with approximately equal values.


A brief explanation of the capacities:


The lower the capacitance value of a capacitor, the more heights remain, in simple terms. That means a 47nF cap "eats" more heights than a 22. That means with a 47 the sound comes out of the guitar duller.

Since single coil pickups are known to produce more height than a humbucker, caps in the 47nF range are more suitable. On the other hand, humbuckers produce less height, which means the 22nF capacitor is the first choice. The 33nF condenser may be suitable for mixing variants. In modern guitars are mostly 22nF for humbuckers, and 47nF caps for singlecoil pickups in use. But in the 50's Strat's for example original 100nF ZNW1P1 "phonebook" caps were used, which sounds quite unusual for today. But if you are looking for the real 50's Stratsound, there is no way around a "Phonebook" capacitor.


The caps are perfect for improving the sound in all Fenders and other guitars, because the original tone capacitors are usually always saved!


In order to avoid misunderstandings, the indicated selling price applies per one piece.


The shipping costs for most EU countries are € 12,-. You can find more information about shipping costs under the link directly below the product costs (inkl. Mwst., zzgl. Versandkosten). If your destination country is not listed here, please contact us to calculate the shipping costs.


If you need help with the checkout form or payment, please don't hestitate to contact us via e-mail. We just need your address and the designation of the desired items. As soon as we have received the above information, we will send you the detailed invoice.


Please note the minimum order value of EUR 25,-

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