Vintage Clone Pickups

After more than two years of preparation, the first of our Vintage Clone Pickups are finally online. We start with the PAF clones, and will slowly fill up the assortment in the next days and weeks. We pay special attention to historically correct material, dimensions and construction. This lays the foundation for an authentic sound. All pickups are hand wound on our pickup winder (scatterwound). Next we have planned the classics for the Tele and Strat, and a few P-90 pickups will follow later, and of course the basses.

30,- COUPON or CASH BACK for your YOUTUBE Video

The best and most honest test videos come from the users themselves. So if someone wants to put a meaningful YouTube video with one of our Pickup Sets online, ideally in combination with one of our Prewired Kits we would be very happy about it. The video should be at least 3 minutes long and show every switch position in clean and distorted. Just send us the link and you'll get a COUPON of EUR 30,- for your next order, or EUR 30,- CASH BACK back to your account (up to 4 weeks from date of purchase). No minimum order. We publish the Video on this site.

P.A.F. Humbucker

P.A.F. CLASSIC (Neck-7,6k A3/ Bridge-8,5k A2)- Vin
Our P.A.F. Classic Set offers exactly what most people imagine a typical PAF sound to be: dynamic, balanced clear mid range, complex overtones and warm basses. The different magnets on the Neck (AlNiCo 3) and Bridge (AlNiCo 2) provide a un ... (mehr lesen)
ab 130,00 € 1
P.A.F. CLASSIC HOT OVERWOUND (Neck-8,3k A2/ Bridge
We have dedicated the P.A.F. Classic Hot Overwound Set to the guitar god Slash. AlNiCo 2 magnets and overwound coils are the ingredients for the typical slash sound. Fat and full, warm, crunchy, pronounced mids, creamy treble, rich warm ba ... (mehr lesen)
ab 130,00 € 1
P.A.F. HOT (Neck-8,3k A5/ Bridge-9,2k A5)- Vintage
Stronger wound coils and AlNiCo 5 magnets are the ingredients for our P.A.F. Hot Set. More output, more compression, more punch and fat bottom compared to the Classic Set, but still airy with smooth heights. The Humbuckers pushes the amp f ... (mehr lesen)
ab 130,00 € 1
P.A.F. LOW (Neck-7,2k A3/ Bridge-7,8k A2) - Vintag
You are looking for a pearly clean sound, then you found it with the P.A.F. Low Output Set. The slightly underwound coils are responsible for the clear, brighter overall tone without sounding too harsh. Transparent clear treble, warm balan ... (mehr lesen)
ab 130,00 € 1

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